Like for Like Sunglasses Promotion

Due to popular demand, our Like for Like Sunglasses promotion is being extended until 25 March. That means that if you have a complicated script involving multifocals, prisms or thinned lenses that usually prevent you from being able to take advantage of the normal buy-1-get-1-free promos, NOW is your chance!! Whether your lenses are an extremely high power and need to be thinned or you wear multifocals, whatever glasses you buy we’ll give you a second pair completely free including the thinning, multifocals etc. You can choose for your second pair to either be just a clear spare pair or sunglasses! Call us on 010 786 0495 or WhatsApp 0816924602 to make your appointment

Digital Life Promotion

Smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions have become a vital part of our everyday lives. We work, study and relax with them. However, they all emit blue light. Over-exposure to blue light, more commonly known as high-energy visible light (HEV light)- causes eye strain and sleeplessness. Research has shown that 83% of spectacle wearers experience some form of visual stress during or after using digital devices. Early-stage research also shows that blue light may also age the eyes, similar to the effects of the sun’s UV rays. Blue light protection is vital to deal with these harmful effects whilst ensuring visual comfort in the digital world.

Buy any pair of lenses with a blue light filter and receive a 2nd pair of indoor (anti-refective coating) or outdoor (sunglass) lenses FREE.